I’m a passionate software Engineer, with 20+ years of experience in building software.
Over the years I have gathered experience across many different platforms and languages, from mobile apps to cloud services.
I am a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert with deep knowledge of C# and .NET framework.
I always welcome taking on difficult challenges and solving interesting problems.
Ability to write clean and DRY code, with SOLID principles, always stays up to date on best practices using agile methodologies.

Key competencies:

  • Microsoft Azure, DevOps & CI/CD pipelines;
  • NET Core, .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL Server;
  • Javascript, TypeScript, Angular, HTML5, CSS;
  • Xamarin, iOS, Swift, Objective-C;
  • Data Structures and Algorithms, Design Patterns, OOP, SOLID and KISS principles;
  • Agile software development with Scrum;
  • TDD, Unit Testing;

I’m using this blog to share what I know about .NET development techniques, frameworks, tips & tricks and also what I don’t know in the hope of learning something myself in the process.

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