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Time Calc – Time Calculator 1.0.14 released

I am thrilled to announce the release of the newest version of Time Calc! In this update, we’ve enhanced functionality and added exciting features to make time management even more seamless. I invite each of you to give it a try— it’s free! Your feedback is immensely valuable, and I look forward to hearing your comments and reviews. Let’s make time count together! 🕒✨

Time Calc

Time Calculator hours minutes seconds

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Time Calc Pro is useful to log flight hours in a Logbook, perform mathematical operations with Time.

Add/Subtract Time and Time Between Dates Function Time Calc: a beautiful simple and accurate time calculator that allows you to perform elementary operations on units of time like hours, minutes and seconds. 

🎉 We've reached 57,400 downloads! Thank you for your incredible support! 🚀

Time Calculator

  • A beautiful, simple, and accurate time calculator.
  • Perform elementary operations on units of time: hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Ideal for logging flight hours in a logbook.

Add or Subtract Time from a Date

  • Effortlessly add or subtract hours, minutes, and seconds from any chosen date, ensuring precise time management for every occasion.

Calculate Time Between Dates

  • Quickly find the duration between two dates, making planning and scheduling a breeze beautiful.

With Time Calc you can:

  • Use a beautiful and elegant user interface for iPhone and iPad.
  • Convert the result to other units of time. Save and share important operations.
  • Work in portrait or landscape mode.

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